San Diego Profiles

Artist Wayne Scherer - When Wayne Scherer's grandfather, William (Willie) Scherer, jumped ship in San Diego at the turn of the Nineteenth Century, he probably didn't know he would be spawning a dynasty of skilled sailors, artists and craftsmen in the Southern California port city ...more

Bali Hai Celebrates 51 Years - In an industry of change, Shelter Island’s Bali Hai stands as an icon of resistance. "It’s almost supernatural at how we don’t change," owner, Larry Baumann told BoatingNews in a recent interview. "We’re unique in that respect and I’ve had people beg me not to change anything," he added ...more

John and Martha King - "If you’re playing the game of Scrabble and only have one letter, there’s not much you can do with it. Every additional letter you acquire plays off of every other letter and, pretty soon, you get an almost infinite number of combinations. We started off with a love of aviation. Then we learned to teach and started our ground school ...more

UCSD Professors in Love - "Today’s our anniversary," Professor János Négyesy said, referring to his wife, Päivikki Nykter. "We’ve been married 11 years, six months and three days." ...more

Joey and Maria's Comedy Italian Wedding - Red, white and green ribbons swirled from band members’ costumes on May 31 as guests arrived at the Jack Dodge Theater in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter to the sounds of Italian swing ...more

The Gingerbread House - For over seven decades what has come to be known as the Gingerbread House towered majestically over Malden Street, just down the road from the Soledad Club in Pacific Beach ...more

San Diego Zydeco - Then, with the stroke of a rub board and enough energy to power a nuclear submarine, T’Brousard and the Zydeco Steppers exploded into the rhythm and excitement of the Louisiana Bayous ...more

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center - Rising like promises from the valley edge of the Torrey Pines plateau are two buildings, one black and one white. Inside these buildings, brain trusts of scientists are engaged in a war on terrorism ...more

Friends Honor Jack Sutphen - On Oct. 19 San Diego Yacht Club’s Pacific Class (PC) Fleet honored Capt. Jack Sutphen, for his entry into the America’s Cup Hall of Fame ...more

Peninsula Graphics - When it comes to inspiration, Bob Sorben is just about as close as it gets to springtime ...more

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